A few good blog reads over the last week. Greg Sandow has released not one, but two articles on how to imagine the future.

  • Imagining A Bright Future – which is also interesting because of the two commenters: one who sees a lack of musical knowledge being the problem while the other says ‘change the music’!
  • Tabatha fixes orchestras – some interesting ideas that tie in with my thoughts on Personal Connection (coming soon!)
  • These Aren’t Your Grandpa’s Older People – A fascinating blog post by Joe Patti who reminds those of us with an art form that has an older audience that the new old people aren’t the same as the old old people. (It’ll make sense when your read it!)  ‘Observations have been made that often people age into an appreciation of classical arts and culture- orchestra, opera, ballet etc., but let’s not forget that they aren’t necessarily aging out of the experiences and interests they had when they were younger. If the icons of their youth are still able to rock, they are ready to rock along with them.’